Aurelie Gravas

After completing her Master in Painting in Marseille in 2003, Aurélie Gravas (born 1977, France) moved to Brussels. Her work has been shown in different solo and group exhibitions throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland. In her continuous research of form and material, she finds her inspiration in the modern masters. By cutting out forms and having an enormous freedom in her use of material, her paintings become new assemblages and playful compositions where, at a certain point, the abstract and the figurative coexist in a long acrobatic balancing act of colour, form and material. 


Recently, the ‘cut’ process creates works that immerse the body of the artist and the body of the spectator in the painting. Each element vibrates, goes out and returns to the composition. Each piece in the painting remains an autonomous element. They are magnetised rather than glued to preserve their own particular existence.