German Stegmaier

Examining the oeuvre of the German artist German Stegmaier (born 1959), painting and drawing appear to be two separate forms of expression, developing independently of each other. In his abstract paintings, which sometimes evoke associations with landscapes or skies, gray always plays a key role. Gray as a non-color that covers previous layers or cuts of possibilities. Gray, however, is also extremely sensitive to reflection and absorption of light and color, and therefore sometimes evokes depth or a feeling of weightlessness. German Stegmaier often works for a long time on a drawing, sometimes even spread over several years. His drawings express both determination and hesitation. He creates delicate constructions without a preconceived plan. Often lines are erased, but they still remain visible. Drawings are cut up and brought back together. Although they are abstract, they evoke references to architecture, spatiality and bodies.