VERRE BANDEN | Group Show with Willy De Sauter, Agnes Maes, Ronald Noorman, Alberto Scodro and JCJ Vanderheyden

19 January - 1 March 2020

VERRE BANDEN is a group exhibition with European artists, most of whom knew each other or each other's work up close or far. The exhibited works span a period of more than 50 years, and despite the diversity of materials, techniques and themes, they seem to relate to each other wonderfully well. 



From the 1970s onwards, Willy De Sauter (BE, 1938) developed a visual language that looks very minimal. The works appear simple and even skimpy, yet they are the result of an intensive and traditional creation process, with a strong involvement of the artist. They seduce your gaze by the intensity of the palpable matter and the ever-changing play of light.

Agnes Maes (BE, 1942 - 2016) is best known for her paintings, often in bright colours, but here we mainly show collages and drawings, which form a lesser known but essential part of her oeuvre. They bear witness to her enormous labour force and urge to experiment, to the pleasure of being occupied every day with the game between paper and hand. The drawings and collages show an impressive sensibility.


Ronald Noorman (NL, 1951 - 2018) worked exclusively on paper, using abstract markings and patterns to seek a delicate balance between chaos and control, power and subtlety.


Alberto Scodro (IT, 1984) brings two types of works. Australian Concentrate (desert inside, ocean outside) is a geological metaphor for the Australian continent; the result of melting desert and ocean sand from the island on fire in one bottle. In Sunflower a group of strung together sunflowers merge into an intriguing, radiant sculpture.


JCJ Vanderheyden (NL, 1928 - 2012) tried to capture the complexity of reality in a simple sculpture. His fascination for the horizon, or rather for the power of the line, which becomes visible by placing two differently coloured planes against each other, led to numerous experiments. Depending on its place in the composition, infinity is made palpable, an unstable balance is shown or, on the contrary, a balance and peace are created.