Mario De Brabandere

Works on Paper

This publication (Posture Editions N° 17) is dedicated to the work on paper of Mario De Branbandere and gives a comprehensive picture of the hundreds of drawings the artist made in the last 35 years. With a text by Hans Martens (translated by Gregory Ball).


In a joyful and sad way, Mario takes the artistic liberty to go on an adventure within the space of the sheet. On his journey, he meets dots, surfaces and Lego carriages, but also Christ,  Saint Joseph and a rainbow. Like no other, De Brabandere succeeds in bridging the gap between geometry and figuration. In Mario's hands, everything acquires a sensitive tension in which the nature of things continues to shine through.

Published by Posture Editions.

With the support of the Flemish Government, Galerie De Ziener and Kristof De Clercq gallery.