Honoré ∂'O

Holy Molecule


This publication highlights a choice of key works from the rich oeuvre the artist Honoté d'O has created since the 1980s. Twenty five authors from a vaiety of disciplines - philosophy, psychology, sociology, architecture, science, law, ethics and poetry - were asked, each departing from their specific expertise, to formulate a number of axioms that relate to Honoré d'O's work.


With texts by: Johan Braeckman, Wim Cuyvers, Marc De Bie, Dieter De Clercq, Rogier De Corte, Dirk De Wachter, Wim De Waele, Hans Maria de Wolf, Sofie Devos, Ralph Dum, Pascal Gielen, Rudy Joseph, Rudi Laermans, Mieke Mels, Guy Mouton, Honoré d'O, Rik Pinxten, Stéphane Symons, Michaël Vandebril, Bart Vandenabeele, Frank Vande Veire, Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Jo Van Den Berghe, Phillip Van den Bossche, Jean Paul Yde. 


Published by Mu.Zee.