Johan De Wit & Honoré ∂'O, PASS, Mullem, Huise, Wannegem and Lede, Belgium.

In the shadow of 4 fairy-like churches, the exhibition PASS emerges amidst the rolling green hills of the Flemish Ardennes. From May 1 to July 5, art intertwines with the idyllic and pastoral villages of Mullem, Huise, Wannegem and Lede.


It was contemporary artist, and inhabitant of Mullem, Kris Martin who invited Jan Hoet Junior to curate PASS and to select artists, works of art and locations for this project. The idea for this exhibition partly arose from Sint-Jan, an exhibition in the Saint-Bavo Cathedral in Ghent in the summer of 2012. Sint-Jan was also initiated by Martin and was put together in just a couple of weeks, with almost no budget but with the help of a bunch of enthusiastic people and lots of ardor of the artists. It was curated by Jan Hoet and Hans Martens and became a huge success.


May 1, 2015