Agnes Maes, Peter Morrens and Ben Benaouisse participate in 'Art Traces across the Western Front'

100 years ago, the First World War and the first gas attacks left large traces in the scenery of Langemark-Poelkappele. In this group exhibition contemporary artists reflect on this theme and so in turn leave their own traces. Curator Oswald Fieuw (initiator), co-curator Hilde Van Canneyt and Langemark-Poelkapelle municipality chose two groups of artists with this theme to get started: (inter)national artists and local artists from the frontal region. This event is part of Gone West, cultural commemoration of WWI by the province of West Flanders.


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Group exhibition with works of: Fred Bervoets en Pjeroo Roobjee, Leo Copers, Peter Morrens, Karel Dierickx, Jan van Imschoot, Agnes Maes, Paul Gees, Tom Woestenborghs, Tom Liekens, Lee Ranaldo, Steve Schepens, Renato Nicolodi, Ben Benaouisse, Griet Dobbels, Sebastian Moldovan, Jonas Vansteenkiste en Veerle Michiels, Conny Kuilboer, Ben Kruisdijk, Daan Gielis, Athar Jaber, Godfried Vervisch, Sven Verhaeghe, Anne Vanoutryve, Oswald Fieuw, Gilbert Degryse, Trees Le Roy, Thomas Eggermont, Freddy Cappon, Michaël Depestele, Jeroen Mylle, Gino Lucas, Dirk Clement

April 17, 2015