Léonard Pongo participates in Consume By at Museum Arnhem

13 May 2022 - 29 January 2023
 Gallery artist Léonard Pongo participates in group show 'Consume By' at Museum Arnhem.


A growing number of people in the Netherlands are concerned about climate change, nature conservation and pollution. But in many parts of the world, the effects of the Earth's depletion have already been felt for a long time. How long can humans continue to live on the planet? That question is on the minds of many artists.


'Consume By' shows artworks depicting nature, from the 17th century to the present. What stories do the landscapes, still lifes, plants and animals tell about the relationship between people and nature through the ages? And what stories are they leaving out... why is that?


The majority of the 200 artworks on display come from the collection of Museum Arnhem. The presentation is supplemented by works of art that were borrowed or made especially for the exhibition. There are artworks that challenge the exploitation of land and the people who live on it, past and present. Others depict a sustainable future for all life on Earth. Can art change how people relate to the Earth?



January 14, 2023